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Recover My Files v4 - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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    Default Recover My Files v4 - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    General Questions
    Where do I get Recover My Files v4

    Recover My Files v4 is a program by GetData Software company. It is available for download from "www.recovermyfiles.com" or by using this download link http://download.getdata.com/RecoverMyFiles-Setup.exe. If your version does not look like the screen shots shown here, they you are probably using version 3 and should read this other post for help.

    Is Recover My Files Free?

    Recover My Files v4 is free to download and try in evaluation mode. It will allow you to view the files (actually see the pictures and read the documents) that can be recovered from your problem drive. If, based on the search results, you wish to save those files, you need to purchase a product activation key from "www.recovermyfiles.com". You do not need to run another search, once the key is entered the files can be saved to another drive.

    Where should I install Recover My Files v4?

    Ensure that you install and run Recover My Files with full administrator rights. This is needed for low level disk access to recover your files.
    A good methodology, if possible, is to connect the problem drive to another computer as the secondary drive. This enables you to
    • install Recover My Files on the C: drive of the 'good' computer, and
    • use it to scan the secondary 'problem' drive to recover your files.
    • This methodology make it far less likely that Windows, or you, will write new data to the drive and risk overwriting and destroying missing files.
    Of course this methodology is not always practical, as you may well have lost your files from your current C: drive and have no alternative that to continue to use Windows on this drive. Recover My Files is a small program (approximately 10mb), so installation of the software onto the problem drive, whilst not recommended, is a small risk.

    Recover Drive Questions
    Does Recover My Files "fix" my Drive?

    Recover My Files v4 is "Data Recovery Software", it is not "Drive Repair Software". It is designed so that it will not change the contents of the drive being searched in any way. This way you can try the recovery and if it is not the software for you then you can pursue other options knowing that you have not changed your drive.

    How long will a drive recovery take?

    This question is influence by the size of the problem drive and the speed of your PC. However, in most situations, an effective drive recovery using the instructions in this article should take less than 4 hours from start to finish.

    Will Recover My Files find all my files with full file and folder structure?

    Yes. Recover My Files is designed to get back full file and folder structure of all files on the problem disk. Even if the file and folder names have been destroyed beyond recovery, it may still be possible to recover the content of the files.

    Recover Files Questions

    Currently under construction. Check back soon.
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