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Recovering files off a RAW hard d rive

This is a discussion on Recovering files off a RAW hard d rive within the Computer Data Recovery forums, part of the category; my USB hard drive went from NTFS to RAW- ( right now in disk management it label 232.88 GB RAW ...

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    Default Recovering files off a RAW hard d rive

    my USB hard drive went from NTFS to RAW- ( right now in disk management it label 232.88 GB RAW healthy primary partition but unformatted ) and recover my files does not seem to find my folder-- i try a couple time-- but never finish-- but to never seem to find any folder or any NTFS partitions-- ther noting under the folder tab-- i really like to get files back-- last nite i try for over 12 hour- and got noting in folder tab- but lot of lost files-- i was reading the help files- it sound easy enough-- that RAW hard drove should be easy to get files back but it does seem to be working out that way--
    under Search Phase 1 - Partition Recovery one would think it would find something
    (quote) (help files) RAW and Unallocated hard drives are relatively simple to recover as it is usually only the partition information that has become corrupt and the remaining data is intact. Recovery of full file and folder structure is possible (Unquote)

    (Quote) If partitions are located and can be recovered, all of the missing folders and files structure will be displayed under "Folder" view at the end of Search Phase 1 (in order to find and display the full file and folder structure, it is necessary that the search be allowed to fully complete this phase).
    Whilst the search is in progress, expand the recovered partition (using the '+') to determine if your missing files have been located. If they partition was found and you can click on your missing files and preview their content, STOP the search and save your files. (unquote)

    well i never seen any thing under the folder tab like NTFS partition, but i never let it finish either

    just for fun i tried a demo from easeus data recovery wizard- and it did find my files-- but being a demo i could not save-- now the question is why does recover my files find them

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    Default Data Recovery


    In the top right hand corner of this page there is a live support icon. When you see it online, click on it, and if I don't answer, please ask for me. Then I can chat with you and get to the bottom of the problem.
    Graham Henley
    GetData Support Staff

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