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Partition Process Interrupted Lost Everyfile

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    Question Partition Process Interrupted Lost Everyfile


    I am running Vista Ultimate on a Intel C2 Quad machine with 4 gigs of RAM.

    My only physical drive was partitioned into C:\ and D:\. Both partitions had files. I was increasing the size of the D drive by using Paragon. As it was moving files I went to sleep because it was going to take a long time to finish.
    In the morning as I moved the mouse the PC started and I was surprised because nothing came on screen. I tried the power switch of the monitor and then gave it about 15 minutes or so but when the monitor still didn't turn on I (stupid me?) rebooted the machine.

    It told me the that an operation was inetrrupted and I should use a boot disk or recovery disk to boot the machine. I tried Vista recovery disk but when it did not work I tried the Vista dvd. As it did not boot Windows but wanted to reinstall Vista, I let it reinstall.

    My C drive was 400 gb and about 150 gb full and the D drive is about 200 gb in size and 150gb full. Now, D drive shows up as unallocated space.

    I tried Recover My Files and it has now run for 24 hours. Files found number is stuck at 22510 and it is still sweeping. I am guessing it is doing multiple sweeps. I am using recover format option, I believe.

    Should I stop now or let it continue for some more time and then stop it?

    I am seeing that it has found 1530 pdf files. I never had so many pdf files. Are these pdf file fragments?

    I had .crw files (Canon's raw image format) but I am not seeing those files listed at all. What I am seeing are Jpeg (8005) and JPEG Digital Camera (2087). Since I shoot mostly RAW and convert very few files to jpegs on this machine I am think that 8005 JPEGs are really unrealiastic. And by JPEG Digital Camera files does it mean any image files with .crw extenstion which are really not JPEGs?

    Please help.
    Thank you

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    Default Data recovery


    Please follow these instructions, particularly the part in green which talks about speeding up the search:

    Recover a Formatted Drive with Recover My Files v4

    To include .crw files in the search, select the TIF extension. The PDF files are likely to be Adobe Illustrator, .ai, or some similar file type.

    With any luck you should find the whole file and folder structure, with full and correct file identification.
    Graham Henley
    GetData Support Staff

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