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Jpg files in hex format

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    Question Jpg files in hex format

    Good morning,

    I am trying to recover my photos from a "re-formated" hard disk. In the preview window I see the files in Hex format. In an other post I read than this files should be recuperables but when i save the files I only obtain a file totally gray whith a little line in the top with the image.

    Can you help me?

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    There are two reasons that you may see a JPEG file in HEX in the Recover My Files preview window:
    1. The JPEG is not a type that can be previewed. There are many different types of JPEGs. Recover My Files will preview about 85% of these in the preview window and those that it cannot will be viewed as hex.
    2. The jpeg is corrupt. If the JPEG has been overwritten by other data, then the file may be corrupt and will not preview.

    When you see a JPEG in HEX view, the first thing to check is whether you can see JFIF or EXIF near the header of the file. This is part of the JPEG file signature and tells you that you have a valid start of the JPEG. Scroll down the rest of the file - a valid JPEG looks like a consistent jumble of code (right click on one one that does preview and view as hex to see what a valid file looks like). If you see anything that looks like HTML, or readable text, then it tells you that the file has been overwritten by other data and is corrupt.

    Your situation sounds a little bit odd. A full gray box sounds like the JPEG container has been saved but not the data in it. The best thing is to email some samples to support@getdata.com so we can have a look at the content. You can also do this yourself by changing the saved extension to txt and opening the file in notepad.
    Graham Henley
    GetData Support Staff

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