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Prog Keeps Freeznig.?

This is a discussion on Prog Keeps Freeznig.? within the Computer Data Recovery forums, part of the category; Let me start by saying a big HELLO! this is my first Thread (Chuckles) Ok ****, ive got a XPS ...

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    Talking Prog Keeps Freeznig.?

    Let me start by saying a big HELLO! this is my first Thread (Chuckles)

    Ok ****, ive got a XPS desktop but both of my graphic cards died within a week of each other and over xmas period (not good lol) meaning im using a older pc, so ive got a 1TB external HDD that was accidently formatted (By the wife) a few weeks ago,

    the pc i am using has a single core proccessor AMD 64 (2.2ghz) ive tried to recover the files on my external HDD but everytime i do it freezes after so many hours? the first time it froze it was after 9 hours then the second time was just now which is 04:06am ive had to leave it on overnight and ive come downstairs to check it and it had been using 100% of the pc's CPU so it had frooze? the pc is running on W7 (32 bit) with 4 gig of RAM so i belive it should be ok.?

    The Prog is diong its job cause its been finding the files, they are most of them there but its not finished scanning...& freezes in the proccess.?

    Has anyone got any suggestions PLEASE? ive got all my son's photos and my familes vids/photos too on the drive...

    Thanks so much

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    Hard to say why it is freezing - may be a bad sector on the disk. Does it seem to happen in the same spot?

    Read these instructions and watch the video. In a format recovery once the filesystem records are found - usually less than 2 hours into the search - it should not be necessary to continue over the entire drive and you should still get all your data back.

    Recover a Formatted Drive with Recover My Files v4

    When you stop the search, note down the block number that the search is up to, as you can use the OPTIONS > ADVANCED settings to start a new search from that same location.
    Graham Henley
    GetData Support Staff

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    Thankyou Graham
    That was very kind of you to reply so soon!
    Yeah the program freezes at differant times in the scan.? ive scanned the HDD 5 times and each time it does the same but at differant times?
    i'm just about to have a cuppa then il look at the Video on the URL u left, do u think i should uninstall/reinstall.?

    thank you once again


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