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Files recovered but unusable..help

This is a discussion on Files recovered but unusable..help within the Computer Data Recovery forums, part of the category; Hi ****.. I have this 350GB external HD for a few years now, it worked perfectly till some weeks ago ...

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    Default Files recovered but unusable..help

    Hi ****..
    I have this 350GB external HD for a few years now, it worked perfectly till some weeks ago when it came with a message that its corrupted and unreadable and i need to format it..I havent of course coz i have many files on it that i need back.. I went to administrative tools and it could see the HDD as healthy but RAW format..

    I purchased recover my files software and did the scan, the frist time i think i clicked on full scan or something it took like 100 hours and my computer restarted.. Then i did a quick search and it found like all the files in 10 minutes... I have copied all the files to another new external HD, and all the files are there, but the problem is i cant use them... If i click on a jpg. it says format not suported, videos just wont start, text files are empty etc...

    Please if someone can help i really need soem stuff from there, its all there but i just cant use anything...

    Thanks a lot..

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    Even the longest possible search in Recover My Files should not take more than 24 hours. In your situation you should be able to get your files back in less than 2 hours from start to finish.

    I suspect that your drive may have issues holding its connection to your PC, which is why the files that you have saved do not work. Change the extension of some of the saved files to .txt and open them with notepad. You should see that they contain data - but I expect they will be blank because Recover My Files could not wake the drive up before the save took place.

    Check in windows disk management (right click on My Computer > Manage > Disk Management) to see if the physical drive is currently listed. If not, try reconnecting the drive to see if you can get it to at least show as a RAW drive here.

    Also, go into Control Panel and in the Power settings make sure drives are set to 'never' go to sleep and that USB drives are set to not power down.

    If you still have your existing search results open, then save them to a file by selecting "Recover > Save Search" - then close the program, get the drive connection up and running, and reload the search results, Recover > Load Search.

    Your best search is a Recover Drive search on the hard disk in automated mode. As you describe, you should find the files quickly, because all the program needs to do is to read the partition information at the start of the disk to find the files. Once you have a file or folder structure under Folder View, or if you get the scanning blocks part and find the "filesystem" records, then you can stop the search and save the results.

    If you watch the video here you will get a better understanding of what I mean:

    Recover a Formatted Drive with Recover My Files v4

    Good luck
    Graham Henley
    GetData Support Staff

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