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Need some help with data recovery PLEASE

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    Default Need some help with data recovery PLEASE

    Here's what I've done and what i have left undone.

    The HD is a 500gb sata Seagate hd, what is below is what is on the label:

    s/n: 90ma3vpr
    p/n: 9bx154-335
    firmware: sd15
    date code: 09303
    site code: kratsg
    wwn: 5000c50010d0fd27

    What is below is what shows up in bios:

    Fourth IDE Master
    Device :Hard Disk
    Vendor :ST3500320AS
    Size :500.1GB
    LBA Mode :Supported
    Block Mode :16Sectors
    PIO Mode :4
    Asymc DMA :MultiWord DMA-2
    Ultra DMA :Ultra DMA-5
    SMART Monitoring :Supported

    Everything in the bottom half is auto except 32bit data transfer which is disabled.

    Here's what happened, I shut the computer down like normal, booted it up, got a no os found error.

    NP, I plugged the HD into one of those $10 hong kong usb to sata/ide drive readers. The first time I could see the root directory. I went into users to copy my documents and it was empty. I backed up to the root dir and all the 1 tier directorys were still there, but when I click on any folder, there's nothing in it.

    So on to the software recovery. I ran get data back for ntfs being an xp os and it told me no ntfs file systems found. for giggles I ran gdb for fat32, and again no fat32 file systems found.

    I then ran R-Studio (trial version) and I could see everything (I was ecstatic). I then shut the computer down, ordered the full version of R-Studio, ran it again and nothing.

    I then ran seatools and tried to repair bad sectors and just got a ton of errors.

    So anyway, I'm stubborn. I'm not willing to pay for a DR service, I'd rather learn to repair/get the data back myself, even if it involves spending some money for hardware to recover with.

    From what I understand there's a firmware update for these drives, I haven't done that yet.

    Programs I've been looking into are ddrescue, but I'm clueless when it comes to linux. I don't really care about recovering 100% of the drive, I've got pictures and documents that are my main concern. Itunes and other stuff I can re-download.

    I've got a seagate 2tb freeagent external drive on the way, a little bit late, but better late than never. I'm hoping to find my data and back it up there. any ideas on what to do now?

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    Default Data Recovery


    Avoid anything that will write new data to the drive as it may make the data more difficult to recovery.

    Download Recover My Files from http://download.getdata.com/RecoverMyFiles-Setup.exe

    Run it in Evaluation Mode.

    Run a "Recover Drive" search on the "Hard Disk" (not the drive letter) and search in "Automated Mode".

    This search will do two three things:

    1. I till see if it can find the existing partition - this is probably not going to work in your case as the existing partition seems screwed;

    2. It will scan the drive looking for individual file system records (not sure if it is a FAT or NTFS drive?). If individual file system records are found, then you can stop the search when it gets to a high number (the filesystem records number is displayed near the progress bar) and with any luck it will rebuild a file and folder structure in Folder View that is valid so that you can preview the files in the search results screen.

    3. If the above two options fail - then the next part of the search is scanning blocks for "lost files". This is data carving for files based on their file signature - i.e. header and footer. Original names will not be found, but you will get the file content back.

    To run a search for lost file only (i.e. skip steps 1 and 2 and just run 3), first click on OPTIONS > ADVANCED and put a tick in the box for "run a lost file search only". If you think the drive has bad sectors, then I also suggest that you put a tick in the box for "prompt for start sector" as this will allow you to enter a starting position for the search - you can use it to scan c***** of the disk and try and skip the bad parts of the drive.

    The end result of the search is that you should be able to preview the files in the search results screen. If you can see them, then you can purchase a key to save the files to another drive.

    Good luck.
    Graham Henley
    GetData Support Staff

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