I'm using the very latest version of RML and I'm trying to recover MP3 files from a reformatted HD that hasn't had anything written on it since it was reformatted. The MP3s have retained their original file names, but the ID3 tags are gone and the files read 0 bytes, and won't play back when opened with VLC or WMP.

Only a few have survived in my first recovery attempt, and the ones that DID play back were spliced. (Song would play, but 2/3 into the song it would play a different song within the same file).

To add to this, I also have a few audio project files from using a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation such as Steinberg, Magix, ProTools; etc) that have also been partially recovered that play back with extreme amounts of hiss and fuzz that sporadically gets louder and softer, which makes the audio (WAV) files inaudible and unusable.

If I can, how can I recover these files in their original state?
Please help!!