Is it possible to have a program that can see the free space of the previous partition layout and create a new partition over that free space which is now unallocated.

What happened:
cause, my 2tb full of apps,****** and tv series, was on the hdd and it was a GPT style format, because of this windows could not install on it and i was fiddling around in cmd(in windows setup) and in diskpart i accidently chose to clean the wrong disk, therefore windows wiped (i think) the first sector to "0" but the remaining data was intact and without any other way i had to make a 20 GB partition over the the "cleaned" disk and installed windows.

Im asking about the free space because i cannot backup the data anywhere else(full backup, 1.5TB HDD nearly full) so is it possible to do something like that, so i can recover the data in the previous data into the partition that has now been created over the free space of the previous partition.