My problem is to do with saving folders.
My external hard drive died. I ran Recover My Files, and in the left hand column I got: Lost File Results 5045; Identified [Virtual NTFS Partition @0] 40300; and Virtual NTFS @0] 1617

Under the last heading, Virtual NTFS Partition @0, I got a whole list of named folders (as in their original names) with blue numbers in brackets next to them. When I clicked on any of these folders, the contents would appear in the preview window, and when I clicked on one of the files - it would appear in the window bottom right.

However when I saved the files, after ticking all the folders and all the lost files, I didn't get any of the folders, just the lost files. Is there a way I can recover the folders, because they all seem to be there with visible stuff in them when I run the search.