During a File Recovery operation I unexpectedly found about 600 mpeg-files back, travel video from an important trip. I thought they were gone forever, coz the external hard disk was stolen.
Now (I thought) found them back on another drive as 'deleted files'.
Big surprise, big disappointment soon later.
Because the files cannot be played. Just 10 or so.
The rest is a mess.
The foldernames (dates), filenames (date&time), extension (mpg), filesize etc ALL seem correct. But if I try to play ALL seems wrong:
Nothing happens at all - or no video and part of a xmas song in audio - or video from a complete different trip - or mixed pieces of video from various other clips etc.
I don't know much about these issues but I heard about possible HEADER damages, which makes the WHOLE mpg unreadable.
So I tried to repair headers with MEG CORRECTOR and converted a few files from MPEG to MPEG an AVI with FREEMAKE VIDEO CONVERTOR.
Nothing brought me the successes I hoped for.

Any solution still?
Any hope that the files are REALLY still there - and not just their properties?