My HP laptop crashed. The only screen it would access is the black and white recovery screen. It gave me choices to try before reformatting back to factory condition, which I did, to no avail, so I had to reformat the laptop. Before doing so, it offered me to create what I think were called back up disks. It let me select what I wanted to back up such as video, music, documents, etc. None of that was important to me to back up, because I back up all my important docs and such on an external hard drive about weekly, so I had everything I needed already, but I chose the important things anyway. I thought I remember Internet Favorites being something it offered me to back up (I could be imagining things). So, I created the disks, 9 in total, and proceeded to follow all on-screen instructions to format the laptop. It sucessfully did so. My question is, now how do I get my Internet Favorites back? I inserted the first disk thinking it would prompt me to do what I wanted or something but it just shows a bunch of .wim files...on every disk. Can someone assist me in getting my favorites back?