I have execute in CMD the following command „rd /s C:\ $recycle.bin“, to resolute a small problem with the recycle bin. But the syntax was from a forum wrong. The right syntax that I have to execute is „rd /s C:\$recycle.bin“ (without spaces between C:\ and :\$recycle.bin). Al I sat in CMD it started to delete other system files, I have recognized the problematic situation and have reset the PC (after running the command the process took about 10 second)!
Can I restore the delete system files on C:\ drive, that was deleted with the command „rd /s C:\ $recycle.bin“?
(the capacity of the SSD is 128GB and the system partition is only 60GB with free place from over 9GB. The rest /the other allocation place of the SSD (the other second partition) is over 63GB with over 37GB free place, so I think that the deleted files have not been overwritten).
Thanks in advance