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Recover My Files is Non Responsive

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    Default Recover My Files is Non Responsive

    Hello... I have a hard drive that has failed due to bad sectors. I decided to try the Recover My Files and see if I could salvage some of the data on the drive. The drive is visible to XP Disk Manager and shows a healthy NTFS partition. However, the drive is not accessible, when clicked, it says that it is corrupted. I ran the Recover My Files, used the format/partion recovery and it found several partions, only one of which registered as in good condition. I recovered it and started a scan... it has been running for 2 days and is about 1/3 of the way through. I decided to stop the scan and recover what was showing on the list of files recoverable and after several hours of trying, I found that Recover My Files is no longer responding. Nothing I do can stop the program short of stopping the service. This is actually my second attempt with exactly the same results each time. Any suggestions? On a side note... I can still hear the program scanning the drive and the number of files recovered continues to increase... I just need to use my computer for other things!

    Additional Statement!

    Out of COMPLETE and total frustration, I stopped the service for the second time. This is going to be the 3rd (and final) time that I will try this and if I have no luck... then I'l have to try another product. If the other product works, I will be asking for a refund due to failure to perform.
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    Sorry for the delay in responding to your message. Spam posters in this forum get in the way of our notifications of new messages.

    A search with Recover My Files to recover a drive should only take a few hours. Even the most detailed search should not take more than 24 hours.

    If you watch this video you will see an example of a drive recover when the search is stopped early after the Master File Table (file system records) have been found: http://www.youtube.com/v/pwOhxsAfDyw

    You should try this search.

    If bad sectors are slowing the program down, then you can use the following technique to process the disk in c*****.

    Go to OPTIONS > ADVANCED and put a tick in the box for:
    • Prompt for start sector
    • Run a lost file search only
    • Scan the entire drive....

    Leave the other selections as they are.

    Now when you run a scan you will be prompted for the starting block (sector). You can stop the search at any time, but first note down the block number that it is up to.

    Now, when you run a new search, you can enter the block number as the new starting position. Please note that the block number always starts at 0, so the starting position for the 3rd search will be position 1 + position 2 = starting position for search 3.

    Using this technique you can avoid the bad sections of the drive.
    Graham Henley
    GetData Support Staff

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