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Recovery Files renamed to lostfiles

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    Default Recovery Files renamed to lostfiles

    I used the latest version and did a full recovery. After saving it, all files have been renamed "lost files" this includes MP3, Photo’s, and Excel and word files.

    Why has this has happen? and how can this be changed back to their original file names.

    With the program saving files it created two files folders one called Lost File Results and the other called Recovered NTFS Partition @ 2165615.

    All files in “Lost File Results” work but have been named lost files.

    All files Recovered NTFS Partition @ 2165615 are not working but have the correct file names.

    Can anyone help me fix this problem.


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    Default Data Recovery

    Recovered NTFS Partition @ 2165615

    A drive letter is a partition. In your case the drive was formatted Windows NTFS.

    At the start of an NTFS partition is a table called the Master File Table (MFT). The MFT is like the index of a book. It contains a list of every file on your PC, the folder which contains that file, and the location of where the file data is stored on the disk.

    The MFT is the only location on the disk where the file names are stored.

    When Windows wants to find a file, it looks up the MFT for the file name and then uses the information in the MFT record to go to the correct location on the disk to open the data.

    The MFT table that you have recovered is corrupt. Recover My Files has found it and reconstructed it, by when it goes out to the location on the disk to get the data back, it is the wrong location, the data that does come back is not valid, and the files are therefore corrupt.

    This is quite common. Often due to the data loss the MFT can be damaged and can no longer be used to get the data back.

    Lost Files

    Following on from above, you will however note that even though you have a corrupt MFT, the actual data of each file may still reside out on the disk.

    Recover My Files searches for "Lost Files" by looking for the unique header and footer of each file type. E.g. a JPEG file always starts and ends the same way, irrespective of the actual content. This is sometimes called "data carving" as a file type is carved from the disk using its header / structure / and footer.

    Remember, the file name is only stored with the MFT record, not with the file data. So "Lost Files" do not have their original names. This information is unknown.

    Your best option is to rename lost files. For file types like photos or Word documents, this is relatively easy because the files contain "metadata" - e.g. a photo contains the date the photo was taken, the type of camera etc. You can download tools like AMOK Exif sorter or 123renamer to automatically change the file names.
    Graham Henley
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