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Australian Maxtor 500gb recovery with a US windows vista, wife agro

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    Default Australian Maxtor 500gb recovery with a US windows vista, wife agro

    So Im up a creek with my wife. She has like her whole life's pictures on a maxtor one touch III 500gb hard drive purchased in Sydney 4-5 years ago, we are in the states now so we use the power cord adapters.
    She's convinced that the only way to get the photos off her maxtor hard drive was her toshiba laptop, guess who dropped that and crashed the laptop harddrive so it wont stop? You guessed it, me and after a few longnecks to boot

    Anyways, so that was a year and a half ago and I havent lived it down since. So I found rmf after searching for a few hours on how to fix it today. So I tried to surprise her that I was working on it. Big mistake as it just set her off just by bringing it up.

    I guess my question is. I dont see how it'd make a difference but I have a windows vista (we are mac users now) made in the US, there isn't some compatibility issue, her old toshiba xp is done. And she bought a brand new laptop two months ago windows 7, just to access this hard drive (she wouldnt let me touch it) and she couldnt access it.

    She was told because it's password protecteed and had to be sent for datarecovery services, expensive.

    Here's what I found, I tried the disk management, I click on disk 2's properties, maxtor working properly. Right click to assign a drive letter,cant.
    It shows up as Disk 2,
    465.76 GB unallocated

    Uninitialized, click to initialize it, invalid function error

    I tried to hook to my mac running lion as supposedly Lion can read NTSF but not write to a windows harddrive. Fine, I just want those pictures. No luck

    Finally I wound up with RCF, I have extolled the virtues of my labor and Recovermyfiles.
    But growing pensive as it's been running an hour looking for lost partions, 0 files in 10,000. I was sinking as I watched it approach with 0 files
    Then it hit 10,000, and starts it over this time searching 65,000 locations. Again, sinking further as it hits 65,000, 0 files still.

    THEN, it starts looking for 9,000,000 sectors or something. Still 0 files

    Id think itd get one file, doesnt make sense that if I drop a laptop, I cant access the damn external harddrive but for sending it out. But the initialization error from what I read here has me worried and wondering if I am missing something. Apparently the ex. harddrive worked perfectly and according to my wife, that laptop is the sole means in the universe to access this maxtor drive.

    Any hope or ideas if turns up with 0 files

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    Thumbs down So far a waste of time

    Waste of 7.5 hours unfortunately
    Guess her laptop is the only device in the universe to get the files off of that harddrive
    I almost 325,000,000 blocks out of 1 billion blocks serching for sectos and ZERO files found.
    That's a tad frustrating. So I dont see how it can communicate with the harddrive to get the name of the harddrive to list it. And also know how many sectors and blocks to search and find no files. How does it know its 950,000,000 blocks to scan if it can't communicate with the harddrive?

    I was seriously hoping this program would work, dangit! Not one damn file found. I'll leave it running til the morning. I dont know if I should try to hook a usb adapter, never done it before but if I understand that is a simple troubleshooting. But I doubt that will work either. It just doesnt appear that recovermyfiles can get access to a password protected harddrive and I dont know how either

    Here's a screen grab of where Im at

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    Default Well coming to recovermyfiles forum was also a waste of time it seems

    In my situation the program is crap and I don't know about all the reviews out there but I did see duplicate and triplicate reviews on various websites.
    Which is easy enough to pump up ratings using a script type macro. But I could be wrong, just a bunch of happy sailors cutnpasting their 5 star reviews.

    This thing was absolutely no use. There is nothing available to troubleshoot. You should not buy the software

    And in the end, this was the end, the chat forum for at least some direction.

    Then hit up the US side of Craigslist for computer repair. $40 to do what has taken dozens of hours, at least one dozen with savemyfiles crap program.

    Been over 10 days and no help or response to my queries.

    And don't delete my review, that I think your program sucks and your support sucks as well. You know why. You'll have a thousand copies of my thread via a macro to spend hours of your time deleting. Trust me, I may not be good with hard drives but I am certainly good at running a chat board macro with multiple proxies and switching ip addys and user handles.

    SO let this true testimonial stand, your product as a whole sucks, did not help me, didn't get any support and was ignored. I say its a ****e company looking to cherry pick a few easy fixes, which this is actually after all.
    Either that you have 30 times more threads with my opinion stating as such. It falls into the pseudo-scammer area


    Save your money, when they know it won't work for you become the ignored redheaded chicken-neck. And now Im off to recoup my double digit hours I spent with this crap and no help to give my review to every review forum. Cnet and download. Ill run imacros to the internet sites for savemyfiles and have my reviews auto pasted. And then Ill set it to repeat buttwipes

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    Default Data Recovery

    The reason that you don't get support is that you are using a pirate version of the software. We are unable to run a company without a source of revenue - its not possible to pay wages on the good-will of those who think we work for free.

    Good luck with your recovery, you will need it as the pirate installation you are using is infected with a virus (those who crack software also do not work on good-will) so your recovery just got more difficult.
    Graham Henley
    GetData Support Staff

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