Recover My Files v5 is now available for download at or by using this direct link:

Support pages for version 5 are located here: GetData Support Centre - How to recover delted files, formated drives, Windows restore, missing drive letters

Recover My Files v5 includes major new features
  • Improved partition recovery.
  • Faster recovery speed and better validation of duplicate or invalid files.
  • New file type signatures for data carving.
  • Faster saving and loading of search results.
  • Automatically validate search results.
  • Create drive images in DD, E01 and AFF format.
  • Powerful new user interface:
  • Separate views to group data by extension, status and date.
  • Branch plate folders to list files from multiple folders simultaneously.
  • Sort and multi sort files by attributes: name, extension, path, size and date.
  • Text filter tool to quickly filter search results and find relevant files.
  • Gallery view to thumbnail graphics files.
  • Text and Hexadecimal* views to examine raw data.
  • Improved file preview. 300+ supported types with Zoom, rotate, copy, and search.
  • Multi-screen support with detachable windows.
  • Save and load custom screen layouts*.
(* Feature requires the Professional or Technician software license option)