I recorded an online video conference using CamStudio. Unfortunately when it reached 4 GB CamStudio suddenly warned me it couldn't save the file (because of its size or something) any more, then crashed with unhandled exception. It created the temporary file before recording and had been writing into it, but deleted it when the error occured. I tried a few data recovery software suites (GetDataBack, Restoration, Recuva, File Scavenger) to get the file back, but none of them showed me the file. Then I used google to find a solution and on a few forums they said it's unable to restore a file with this size. Unfortunately the same was proven by the applications I used.

On the flip side as well, CamStudio doesn't write an AVI header into its temporary file. So the only available information for me is that the video was encoded with the Lossless RGBA Compression codec, which I think is identical to Huffyuv. I would like to have an application which can recognize Huffyuv data patterns and extract them from stored blocks. I guess there is a distinct data pattern of Huffyuv, moreover I found a constant byte sequence with which a Huffyuv stream generally seems to start. Here you can see it in HEX and ASCII format ("00db" in ASCII):

HEX VIEW: http://kepfeltoltes.hu/121004/00dbhe...toltes.hu_.png

I know the width and height of the video, also the color depth.
There must be a data recovery tool or method which could help in my situation. The question is, who knows any?

The file system is NTFS.

This is really urgent for me, and the recording is important. If you have any idea, please share it with me.

Thank you