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How do I know

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    Default How do I know

    How do I know when the program has spent enough time in phase 4?

    What is phase 4, I still dont understand after reading the forum and the help page

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    If you are running a "Recover Drive" search, then Phase 4 is the part where Recover My Files is going sequentially down the drive looking for files by their signature (essentially the header and footer).

    If you are running an "Automated" search, then it is looking for "common" file types (e.g. jpeg, doc etc.). If you are running a search for specific files, then it is looking for those files.

    Phase 4 returns "Lost Files" (the file name is not actually stored with the file, so when a file is found on the disk by its signature the original file name is not known).

    As part of the search it is also looking for "File and Folders" - these are the bits of file system data that make up the file names and folder structure.

    Generally in a recover drive search it is not necessary to let phase 4 run the lenght of the disk. What you are hoping to find is the "File and Folder" records. If you watch the RMFv5 - Drive Recovery video on this page you will see an example where the search is stopped, but the entire file and folder structure is still found:

    Hard Drive Data Recovery: Data Recovery Videos
    Graham Henley
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